Electronics, meet textiles.

Because your clothes can be more.

Soliyarn is a Chem-Tech startup revolutionizing the way next generation smart clothing feel and perform. Our core vision is simple:

Your clothes need to feel comfortable before they are smart.

Our vapor coating process enables us to seamlessly integrate durable thin films on fabrics to arrive at novel solutions.

Our Vision


We're developing a roll-to-roll process to manufacture conductive yarns and fabrics so that they can be efficiently integrated into the current textile supply chain. This innovation will allow the next generation of smart textiles to flourish with Soliyarn leading the way.



The current ecosystem is mostly solution-based chemistry which yields enormous solution waste. Our process is a dry process which will allow us to reduce some of the enormous waste associated with the textile market. 


Our coating can be implemented unto any textile which will allow for clothing to seamlessly and durably integrate technologies such as heart rate monitors, strain gauges, energy harvesting, heating elements and even flexible capacitors unto clothing.

Our Technology

Conductive Fabrics

Protected Fabrics

Conductive Yarns

Heated Garments

Antibacterial Coating

Eco-friendly Production


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