Biosensing Garments for Digital Health


Sleepwear designed to monitor sleep posture and respiratory patterns in order to increase the sleep health of the user

phyjama | sleep monitor
athletic tracker | sensor | wearable

Atheltic activity Tracker

Garments designed to monitor and track limb movement in order to inform the user of proper form to help prevent injury


Brain activity and eye activity tracking. Used to monitor focus/attention, improve mental health, and help determine dementia/cognitive decline

PhyMask | brain and eye tracking | monitor | dimentia | cognitive decline

Smart features for Soliyarn heated garments

Movement sensing garments Pressure sensing fabric used to detect and record body/limb movement and orientation

Vital-Signal Sensing Biosensors designed to monitor heart rate, blood pulse wave, and respiration which are important for data analysis used to monitor health in at-risk individuals.

Pair wireless Used in conjunction with Soliyarn-developed smart circuitry, the user is able to monitor via a wireless device