Retain the feel, form, and comfort of your smart garments.


Flexible, second-skin feel that moves with you.

Fabric maintains its original feel and movement.

Whether your a workout-enthusiast tracking your heart rate and biometrics, or a Military Paratrooper who needs heated gloves in order to maintain hand dexterity in the field, our micron-sized coating allow you to control the aesthetics and feel of your garments along with their smart coating capabilities.

Conductive fabric is airy and comfortable


Completely breathable, airy feel without compromising the vapor coating.

no metal wires (breathability).gif

No Metal Wires

Conductive fabric with wiring can block air from passing through.

solvent free

Solvent Free

Smart coatings developed with solvents can be stiff and short-lasting.

sweat-resistant waterproof fabrics

Sweat Resistant

Waterproof fabric repels sweat for athletes and professionals.


Can be implemented on to any textile including off-the-shelf garments.

Vapor coating can be applied from the thread level to an entire full-body suite.

Technological precision makes it possible to coat a single thread which is then woven into a fully smart clothing item. This allows for garments to seamlessly integrate wearable technologies such as heart rate monitors and heated elements.


Take control over your health and your personal climate.

Fabric being put in a chamber in order to become conductive


Chemically grafted vapor coatings last up to150 washes in industrial cycle washing.