Extreme Climate Protection

for use in apparel, Outdoor Recreation, and other protective applications

All of our smart garments take advantage our of unique protective coating that offers water, oil, corrosion, and other protective properties 

We are able to apply this protection to untreated fabrics  that are used in commercial applications that include: outdoor recreation, athletic performance, and apparel

Durable, Water Repellency

Our water repellant coating is able to treat fabrics that include but are not limited to:

Natural fabrics: Cotton, jersey, silk, wool, denim, and Lenzing 

Synthetic fabrics: Polyester, rayon, aramids, acrylics, and nylon

Speciality fabrics: Rayon, Spandex, Aramids, 


Oil repellant fabric

Our protective coating offers protection against oil wicking and absorption. We are able to bead up to oil grade 7 on the AATCC standards

Protective offerings

We test all of our applied protective coatings against industry testing procedures including AATCC and ASTM standards



C-6 Our most durable offering. Applied to garments that require the most extreme water/oil protection.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 9.36.45 AM.png

C-6 light A balance of extreme protection and environmental friendliness. This uses less than 10% by weight fluorinated compounds while maintaining a similar level of protection as our c-6 offering.

Fluorine free  Our most recent research exploration. This eliminates fluorinated compounds from our process completely, while providing enhanced water and oil protection