Our Vision

The current ecosystem is mostly solution-based chemistry which yields enormous solution waste. Our process is a dry process which will allow us to reduce some of the enormous waste associated with the textile market. 

eco-friendly textiles
versatile coating technology

Our coating can be implemented unto any textile which will allow for clothing to seamlessly and durably integrate technologies such as heart rate monitors, strain gauges, energy harvesting, heating elements and even flexible capacitors unto clothing.


We're developing a roll-to-roll process to manufacture conductive yarns and fabrics so that they can be efficiently integrated into the current textile supply chain. This innovation will allow the next generation of smart textiles to flourish with Soliyarn leading the way.

scalable process to manufacture conductive yarns and fabrics

Our Journey

Our Team


Jonathan Cali

Meet Jonathan! He has a background in physics with experimental research in soft matter physics and polymer science. Most of his role is spent handling project management for the lab team as well as assisting the other engineers with experimental design and operation. As an aspiring espresso connoisseur, you can ask this guy anything about coffee and he will probably talk your ear off about it.

R&D Engineer,



Juan Woodroffe,


As the lead (and only) mechanical engineer on the team, he play a key role in the R&D that connects our conductive fabric to real life applications. When he's not busy CAD-ing some awesome hardware on Solidworks, he's usually out looking for the cutest dog in Charlestown, catching up on his economics literature, or down in Puerto Rico trying to escape the Boston cold.

R&D Engineering,

Mechanical and Biomechanical Engineering


Sayantani Nandy,


Sayantani has a Masters degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology and worked in the garment industry for 7 years.  Her experience in understanding the fiber to garment process in manufacturing and distribution as well as her global industry contacts are invaluable asset to Soliyarn’s product development. She is currently heading operations for the company and manages the tactical activities to achieve the business goals set forth by the company. A voracious reader of detective novels, Harry Potter fan, her favorite pastime is to read fiction. She also has a degree is painting and loves camping while seriously frowning upon glamping.

Operations Lead


Michael Richard

I've always been a hard working and independent person and I've successfully channeled that energy into my work here at Soliyarn. Everyday that I come to work I'm able to see the fruits of my labor and almost nothing makes me more proud. I recognize that I'm fortunate to work on such innovative technology, with such hard working people, and in such a supportive environment and I'm grateful for it. I hope that everything I've learned in life has the potential to make a meaningful impact on our products and the future of our company and I'm excited to see this project become reality before my eyes.

R&D Engineering,

Chemical Engineering


Timothy Monroe

Tim Monroe is a scientist/engineer from Savannah, GA. He provided undergraduate research in the area focus of thin films, and he spent his free time going backpacking and rock climbing. Now he is working on our CVD chambers and optimizing our processes. His main love in life is playing the banjo and guitar. 

R&D Engineer,

Materials Science

Trisha Andrew, PhD

Trisha is an Associate Professor at UMass Amherst in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, a Packard Foundation Fellow and has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy sector. She received her Ph.D. in Organic and Materials Chemistry from MIT in 2011. She is the director of the Wearable Electronics Lab namely Andrew Lab, at UMass producing emergent electronic technologies on unconventional substrates using reactive vapor deposition. She loves gardening when she gets time away from her chambers and her latest fun activity includes developing conductive coating on a plant leaf.

Founder, Thought Leader & Scientific Advisor


AJ Beach,


Adrian, or as everyone knows him by, AJ, is veteran business leader with an MBA and PMP degree. He is the company’s  Business Lead and CEO. He is responsible for company strategy, product development, business development, investor relations, and the company’s go to market strategy. A live by the numbers guy, AJ loves playing poker with teammates to learn more about their personalities and you can find him breaking sweat on a bike when he is not working.

Business Lead


Morgan Baima,


Morgan obtained her Ph.D. from UMass Amherst in Chemistry and was part of the team at the Wearable Electronics Lab working directly under Trisha. She has extensive experience engineering and implementing the technology that is now the core component of Soliyarn. She has two lovely dog children that she cannot live without and spends her free time watching literally every title off of Netflix (especially Hamilton…actually mostly Hamilton)

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor