Soliyarn's suite of heated garments will protect you from the harshest climates by warming key areas of the body, allowing for more effective protection, treatment, and recovery.

Heated Garments for Digital Health

Heated gloves for protection against Reynaud's disease

Our heated gloves are designed to heat blood flowing into the fingertips so that uncomfortable sensations felt due to Reynaud's disease are reduced. This protects the user from sensation loss in their hands enabling the user to continue tasks at hand.

Soliyarn heated gloves
Soliyarn heated boots

Heated boots for arthritis treatment

Our heated boots are designed to heat the areas within the foot commonly affected by arthritis, which allows for relief and extended comfort

Heated compression sock for surgical recovery

People who undergo intensive surgery face an increased risk of blood clotting. We are developing a tight-fit compression sock to warm the blood entering the legs, with the aim of mitigating blood clots.

surgical ward | heat compression socks

Heated blanket for extreme-weather medical care

We are developing a heated blanket that provides the operator a protective enclosure for medical interventions, allowing for faster response times and better outcomes.

Extreme weather medical care requires speed, precision, and safety in order to operate at full potential. We are developing a heated blanket that allows the operator to increase medical attention time while providing a protective enclosure to perform under.

Smart features for Soliyarn heated garments

Real-time adjustment Onboard temperature monitoring allows the user to chose the amount of heat felt at the exact spot of application

Self-regulating Our garments have the potential to self-regulate desired temperatures based on the user's comfort level and environmental feedback

Pair wireless Used in conjunction with Soliyarn-developed smart circuitry, the user is able to monitor via a wireless device