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August 2021

AFWERX Collider Pitch

Founder and CTO Trisha Andrew, PhD, pitches and demonstrates autonomous heating and sweat management garments at AFWERX Collider. We were joined at AFWERX Collider by Department of Defense and venture capital stakeholders in order to reimagine the future of defense with enhanced technological capabilities.

June 2021

ADS Expo, Round One!

Team Soliyarn attends our first ever ADS trade show in Colorado Springs! We showed off our prototyped heated wearables to military personnel and industry experts. Next step, manufacturing gear for the next generation soldier!

military personnel with heated wearables

May 2021

FIVE QUESTIONS with Trisha Andrew, the scientist making smart apparel

Trisha Andrew, Professor of Chemistry and Soliyarn founder and lead scientist, speaks at Retail Week's Retail Connected webinar! Trisha, alongside 140 other garment innovators, spoke on emerging technologies in the textile industry.

making smart apparel interview - emerging technologies in the textile industry

May 2021

Soliyarn & Draper Knitting Company Collaborate

Our Engineers and Business Leaders take a tour of the Draper Knitting Company, learning about their

roll-to-roll process. We love to collaborate and learn from locally-based Massachusetts mills in order to innovate new technologies. A big thank you to Kristin and Wendy Draper!

roll to roll process for knitting company

May 2021


Soliyarn is awarded SBIR Phase 1 from AFWERX to combat hypothermia through sweat management in the U.S. military.

AFWERX award - combatting hypothermia through sweat management for the U.S. military

January 2021

Greentown Pitch Day Presentation

Soliyarn Founder and Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Trisha Andrew presents Soliyarn's novel vapor coating process for textiles at Greentown's Low-Carbon Manufacturing Sector Pitch Day. Greentown Labs is an incubator dedicated to helping startups in the green space to grow.

August 2020


The National Science Foundation (NSF) grant program awards Soliyarn funding for SBIR Phase I. Vapor Deposition for Non-Metallic Conductive Yarns.

National Science Foundation funding - Vapor Deposition for Non-Metallic Conductive Yarns

February 2020


Advanced purchase order received from military equipment supplier ADS, Inc. for headed gloves using reactive vapor deposition. Soliyarn continues to work with ADS on delivering heated glove prototypes.

military equipment supplier - heated gloves using reactive vapor deposition

December 2019


Phase I from AFWERX  SBIR received for ) to innovate heated gloves, heated fabric, chemical vapor deposition, and roll-to-roll scaling for the U.S. Military and Airforce. 

November 2019

WIRED Interviews Soliyarn Founder in Article

Professor Trisha Andrew explains how her innovative reactive vapor process enables heated garments to maintain comfort. Co-founder Morgan Baima explains how Soliyarn heated gloves are in high demand by the U.S. military for paratroopers who have trouble keeping their hands warm when .  

Read the article here. interview - how reactive vapor process enables heated garments to maintain comfort