Our team represents a diverse set of skills and expertise in business leadership, material science, process engineering, and prototyping.


AJ Beach,


Chief Executive Officer

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Sayantani Nandy, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

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Trisha is an Associate Professor at UMass Amherst in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, a Packard Foundation Fellow, and has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy sector. She received her Ph.D. in Organic and Materials Chemistry from MIT in 2011 and is the director of the Wearable Electronics Lab at UMass producing emergent electronic technologies on unconventional substrates using reactive vapor deposition. When she gets time away from her chambers she loves gardening and her latest fun activity includes developing conductive coating on a plant leaf. Read more about Trisha's research here: 

Trisha Andrew, PhD

Trisha Andrew CFO and Founder

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

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Michael Richard

R&D Engineering, Chemical Engineering

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Timothy Monroe

R&D Engineer, Materials Science

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Alain Digon

Chief Financial Officer

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Jonathan Cali

R&D Engineer, Physics

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Aidan Kelliher

R&D Engineering, Chemical Engineering

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Juan Woodroffe, MS

R&D Engineering, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

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Susanne Moore, MBA

Director of Consumer Research

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Morgan Baima, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

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Ashley Mandel

Marketing Intern

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We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to work with our engineering team to design and implement circuitry using our conductive textile and assist in developing functional prototypes, as well as assist in developing our scaled manufacturing machines.

January 12 2021

Soliyarn is a Chem-Tech startup revolutionizing the way next generation smart clothing feels and performs. Founded in 2018 by Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Trisha L. Andrew out of her UMass Amherst lab, where her research focuses on creating electronic devices on unconventional substrates using reactive vapor deposition. This research enables enhanced comfort and flexibility for smart textiles unlike anything seen before. 


In 2019 business co-founder Adrian (AJ) Beach, MBA UMass Amherst, developed and lead a team that expanded Soliyarn's reactive vapor coatings beyond conductive elements to include waterproofing, oil repellency and antimicrobial protection.



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