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Endless application that improves the quality of life for healthcare workers, military personnel, and many more. 

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Heated garments and elements for Big Army, SOCOM (Special Operations Command), Navy for arctic deployment, and Airforce for paratrooper high altitude jumps. Heated gloves maintain hand dexterity in the field.

Winter sports apparel that stays warm for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and extreme cold. Athletes can enjoy the feeling of staying toasty while engaging in their favorite winter activities. 

Heated blankets that require no stiff wiring or tangled cords that limit a blanket's motion. Washable up to 150+ times in industrial and home washers & dryers.

Textile Circuit Elements

Energy harvesting using solar cells to capture the sun's light and generate electrical power. This electrical power can be transferred to any device requiring power.

Data transmission using Bluetooth can wirelessly transmit data from your body to a phone or computer.  

Our circuit elements can implement switches on to wearables.

Electrostatic Discharge


Conductive fabric creates an interference that can safe-guard sensitive materials in any type of sealed container. 

Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud's syndrome leaves some areas of the body, mostly the hands and feet, numb from lack of blood flow. Heated clothing can relieve wearers from this sensation and return blood flow to normal.


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Conductive Wearables

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Outerwear that repels water and sweat. Waterproof and sweat resistant garments ensure prolonged comfort during intense workouts and other physical activity.

Interior Decorations

Waterproof and oil repellent textiles to protect home and office furniture and decor.



Tough and water-resistant fabric can protect tents, camping gear, and car covers from salt, water, and the elements during inclement weather.


Biocompatible wearables can be implemented into garments and for other bodily applications.


Learn more about Professor Trisha Andrew's research at her Wearable Electronics Lab.

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Antibacterial & Antiviral



Microbial repellent bed dressings, drapery, gowns, and other fabric material for hospitals and nursing homes. Comfort is still maintained alongside protection against disease.

Microbial repellent bed dressings, drapery, gowns, and other fabric material for hospital and nursing homes. Comfort is still maintained alongside protection against disease.

Personal Protective Equipment

Washable and reusable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for consumers and healthcare professionals.

According to a study published in the Eurasian Journal of Medicine on the Persistence of Nosocomial Pathogens on Various Fabrics, bacteria can survive for up to 26 days on cotton, 26.5 days on cotton-polyester, 28 days on silk, and 30 days on wool.

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Smart Garments

Heart Rate Monitors

Wearable heart rate monitors keep military members, athletes, and cardiac patients healthy.

Detects any heat anomalies that differs from the wearer's baseline heart rate.

Pressure Sensors

Monitor physiological signals including posture, pulse, and respiration of military members, athletes, and patients. 

Track Body Movements

Track individual joint motions of the wearer including military members, athletes, and patients. Promotes rehabilitation and can establish range of motion for muscular dystrophy patients.

Professor Trisha Andrew and engineer Michael Richared working on heated gloves

Our dry vapor coating process is environmentally efficient, lasts longer, and completely coats each individual fiber.